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I’m an Entrepreneur and Aspiring Leader – Is Coaching for Me?

Are you experiencing frustrating, persistent road-blocks on your path to accomplishing business goals? Are you transitioning from surviving in a 9-5 day job to thriving as a full-time entrepreneur? Do you teeter on burn-out and low self-confidence in your journey to becoming a leader and contributor in the world? Are you looking to make the impossible possible?

We got you. LP Coaching understands exactly where you are and our process is designed specifically for you. LP Coaching offers warm, rigorous, structured coaching to help you break through your fears, limitations, and habits to reconnect you with the unique inner strength that generates powerful results.

LP Coaching will help you achieve your goals with conviction and velocity. Backed by an internationally accredited coaching organization, 98% of LP Coaching’s clients achieved their desired success.

“I asked Lisa to assist me in obtaining several immediate career goals, and Lisa‘s hard work and advice became invaluable over the course of four months. Lisa is a true professional. Her wisdom, experiences, insight and suggestions have helped me immeasurably, both personally and professionally.”

– R.T., Stamford CT

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