Hello World

Hello world. Welcome to the blog of LP Coaching. There will be many more posts to come! For now, a little about Lisa:

I have always passionately believed in the inherent greatness and power of the individual. Like a Monet painting, we are oftentimes too close to the content to see the beauty and strength in ourselves to create an empowered change. As a life and career coach, I co-create powerful relationships with my clients and provide a unique element of support, reflection, and humor to untangle what’s really holding you back and to engage new muscles of choice and action through awareness, practice, and accountability.

Specializing in career changes, life transitions, and living from well-being balance, I support personal and professional growth by adding speed and velocity to my clients’ projects. Having experienced an exciting professional career in recruiting and development for non-profits, internet start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies, I’ve found that resilient transformations can happen anywhere, at anytime given the inspirational commitments that individuals and teams make.