My Story

My story isn’t uncommon. All humans face struggles and may suffer through stages in life – sometimes for weeks and sometimes for decades. My suffering showed up in 20 years of over-achievement and perfectionism.

Hello! My name is Lisa. I am a recovering perfectionist. In the past, I found myself pursuing the next promotion, advancement, award, gold star, etc. in order to be validated (I was good enough! Thank goodness! No one saw my suckyness). It was like falling up the stairs – I would suffer through each accomplishment, putting in hard work to avoid feeling crappy about myself, just to put a flag in the next goal. I was wired for success in an unhealthy way because it wasn’t aligned with who I was or wanted to be.

At 27 years old, I woke up with my checklist checked. I had a great job, a great boyfriend, great friends, a great apartment, but was deeply dissatisfied. I felt like my life was staged, with everything perfect, but lacking a “Why” other than going for looking good and avoiding looking bad. And I was embarrassed about it, thinking “how can I complain about my great life? But… was this it?” I was scared. And sad.

I was fortunate enough to bump into a coach, literally. After a year of work, I found that what was missing was ME. Authentic, powerful, passionate, expressive ME. Eureka!! It was the foundational piece that changed all other things in my life. From a 7/10 life to a 10/10 life.

I felt called to have the same direct impact. Coaching was the work that I couldn’t NOT do. Though I had a long resume non-profits, education, recruiting, and human resources, my calling was to support others their own service-based, culture changing passion projects.

Entrepreneur-ism has a Bajillion ups and downs. After some bumpy roads of imperfect entrepreneurship, I committed full-time to coaching and aligned my personal mission with my hard work and desire for excellence. Which, delightfully, looks like a three and a half day work-week. While everyone has their own journey and mission, I now help my clients define, articulate and hungrily pursue projects that align their inner selves with their external results. I know your journey might be challenging, and gee do I GET IT. And I’m the one behind you to lift you up when you teeter.

My purpose in life is to bring passion to the powerful and power to the passionate. Will you be next?

With love.

Lisa Pachence

Coaching with LP