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If you’re looking here, then likely you deeply desire change as  a Leader, Entrepreneur, transformation seeker… yet you don’t know how to achieve it or need support in doing so. We got you! With a track record of of proven results and 97% satisfaction, LP Coaching has developed programs that will work on your timeline, your budget, with your desired outcome.

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Types of Coaching

Experience 3-12 months of quantum leaps in your business, lifestyle balance, time management, relationship health, and productivity. LP Coaching brings a seasoned combination of breakthrough insights and intensive action in every project area using a personalized, proven program of results-based work.

Private coaching is ideal if you’re seeking to:

  1. Gain clarity and direction in designing professional and personal goals
  2. Obtain and actualize a satisfying, fulfilling career using actions and accountability
  3. Build effective time-management and organizational skills
  4. Create balance and job satisfaction to sustainably perform at peak levels
  5. Achieve “stretch” goals and business results
  6. Maximize conflict-resolution skills and overcome challenging relationships
  7. Motivate and develop effective teams and direct reports
  8. Develop powerful presence, decisiveness, and self-confidence
  9. Achieve career advancement, including promotions and higher level projects
  10. Develop a leadership style that maximizes natural strengths

Program includes:

  1. Individually designed project plans
  2. At least 3 months of coaching (minimum contract)
  3. Weekly 60 minute coaching sessions (in-person, skype, or phone)
  4. “Spot” coaching to address immediate blocks
  5. Weekly text/email check-ins to review progress
  6. Weekly project goals and accountability measures to gauge progress
  7. Weekly and ongoing practices that move project plans forward
  8. Proprietary exercises, course materials, and resources to apply during and after the program

Group coaching is a powerful opportunity to apply insight and action inside a community of talented, achievement-oriented individuals that are also seeking to better their personal and professional lives. Experience a structured, rigorous program and benefit from like-minded individuals holding you accountable and providing support along the journey.

Specific themed groups are available all year round so please contact us for upcoming programs. Currently in progress are:

The Elite Ladypreneur Coaching Group

“An intimate Coaching program with the purpose to create breakthrough business growth, personal development, and leadership prowess through a combination of accelerated Coaching and Training in a community of other powerful Ladypreneurs. A 6-month group coaching program that unearths and highlights the purpose of your work, develops actionable and exciting business plans, and establishes a work/life balance that’s aligned with your personal values.”

The Coaching Circle

“A 6-month coaching community for Life and Leadership Coaches to accelerate their skills as business owners and agents of change. Using the 11 Core Competencies of the ICF, enhance and hone your ability to affect change, provide insight, and inspire results.”

“A global survey of coaching clients concluded that the mean ROI for executives investing in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, with over a quarter reporting an ROI of 10 to 49 times.”  – Forbes, 2011

Coaching is a proven asset to modern-day business and corporations. Bringing a combination of insight and new action, LP Coaching designs personalized curriculums and programs to enact change in the workplace through individual coaching, group coaching, and didactic learning. Contact us for more details!

Interested in bringing personal development, leadership training, or productivity acceleration to your work? Or maybe you’re eager to attend local workshops to jump-start and affect change in an area of your personal or professional life? LP Coaching offers a variety of opportunities for local and remote workshops. Please connect with us for opportunities, or email about the following options:

Powerful Tools for Living

Implementing Core Values into Business

Career Reinvention

Work/Life Balance – The Myths, the Tricks, and the Real-Life Solutions

Stress & Anxiety – Why it happens and What you can do about it