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“Coaching with LP ”

LP Coaching offers progressive success coaching that balances warmth and rigor to help her clients reconnect with their personal power and initiate transformational change and reach groundbreaking levels of achievement. The LP Coaching methodology is informed by extensive professional training and stature within Accomplishment Coaching, the most rigorous training program recognized by the International Coaching Federation.
Lisa Pachence




The 6P's Foundation Coaching


Personal Development


Coaching is part of the Accomplishment Coaching Community which sees coaching as:​

Creating a partnership that will provide the awareness, support and structure to move you forward powerfully to produce the breakthrough results that you want. Our Being-based approach creates deep, sustainable shifts that will positively impact every area of your life. Produce results through a focus on:

Well Being – The most energetic, vital, brilliant and stress-free version of you.

Essence – Living from your highest and best self every day.

Living Your Purpose, on Purpose. 

Goals that are worthy of your talents, power and true abilities.

How to get from here to Where You Want To Be.

Get to the “for what”, and the “how” ceases to be an obstacle.

Authenticity, and Why You Are Here – Access your True Power, not Force.

Shift your relationship with the automatic and compulsive drivers of your life.

Self, Others, Universe – Be, Do and Have Inspiration.

You as “Creator”. Maximizing your True Potential.

Everybody Resists. Develop your ability to be “unstoppable”.

Responsibility and Action = Velocity and Power.

Beyond ALL of Your Limiting Beliefs – Time, Money, Energy and More

Relationships – the key to real Satisfaction.

Stop kicking yourself from goal to goal. Experience Clarity, Fun and Power in the process.

A new relationship with “what’s so”. Peace, and the ability to live in harmony with the way things are.